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TTNG .:Our Future:. by AuranianTitan TTNG .:Our Future:. by AuranianTitan
This is a lead up to :iconbeastboysgurl4ya:'s later TTNG projects.

This might come to a suprise but Celeste is not graduating with Ferio and her friends...:( And Cel feels abandoned because of it. But I think her lil green boyfriend can convince her...:)


Friday had came for the fellow students of "Bruce Wayne's School for young heroes". the usuall time when fellow students are out raising hell after a long week...only thing is, not everyone is celebrating...

*Principle Roth's office*

Celeste: No...but why?

Raven: Celeste I'm very sorry, but I'm afraid due to the recent events that occured back in Febuary... You'll have to participate in one more semester before your granted to become a Titan.

Celeste:......*Trying not to look up* ....I Trance power right?

Raven: *Walks over and places a hand on Cel's shoulder* Don't take it personal, it wasnt my desition but a majority vote by the other teachers...

Celeste: My mother too right?

Starfire: Celeste must know that I am only trying to help you.

Celeste:.......*angry*......*Clenching her fists*...

Raven: *sigh* It's for your own protection...your a brilliant student but your just not ready yet...don't worry it'll be only one more year...I promise.

Celeste: Yeah...right...and maybe by then Ferio and my friends wont even need my help... *Turns and walks out of the office with tears down her cheeks*....

Starfire: Celeste!!!

Raven: Starfire...leave her alone right now...she'll get over it.

Starfire: But I feel that I've hurt her...

Raven: I know but You know she isn't ready yet...Even Erick knows it.


Raven: Go tell Erick the news...

Starfire: Alright...:(

*The Oak Tree*

Ferio: Man...Cel's not here yet...:worry:

Beastgirl: Maybe she had to stay after to make up somthing...

Ferio: No way, she made up all her homework from Valentines day.

Beastgirl: :wow: Well I'm suprised to see that your being such a good boyfriend baby bro :D

Ferio: Well duhhh :roll:

*At a distance, Shiela appraches Ferio and BG*

Ferio: Sup Shie, hey havent you seen Cel anywhere? :)

Shiela: Cel's not comming...

Ferio: Huh? C'mon your joking right?

Shiela: I'm not Gar, She left the school in tears after the bell went out with Mrs. Roivas.

Ferio :WHA!? WHY!? Did somthing happen!?

Shiela: *has a sad look in her eyes*...Celeste is not graduating with us this year...

BG/Ferio: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? :omfg:

Ferio: NO WAY! THAT'S A LIE!!!!

Shiela: Its true, She told me as she was leaving with Mrs. Roivas.....

Beastgirl: Oh my god...:wow:...any reason why?

Shiela: I don't know...but Cel did tell me to tell you this... "Come and See me later at my place around 9pm..." Thats all she said...'s not graduating...I can't believe it...but she's like the smartest girl in school...even smarter than Axcel by far...and she isn't......


~Rovas Residence~

Animal Man: she isn't... *Rocking Skyler to sleep*

Starfire: I am afraid so...:(

Aura: ...I had a feeling that it would happen...Celeste is still upset...

Firanna: *Breast feeding hope* Erick you know there was a chance that...

Aura: I know Anna...I know...

*Ferio Rushes in*

Ferio: MOM, POP!!!! *Stops as he almost bumps into Aura* Sorry Erick!

Aura: Hey kiddo...*giving a warm smile*

Starfire: Hello little Jr. :aww:

Ferio: Guys...Cel..Cel's not...*trying to catch his breath*...

AM: We were just talkin about that son.

Ferio: *turns to Aura* Erick, Cel going to be okay? :worry:

Starfire: She will, it's only for one year she has to take...but...

Aura: Sweety I told Cel before that Chances are that she may not Graduate this year after she got her new power... she had a sense of that possilby happening.

Starfire: But I was one of the tearcers who said no...I feel like a bad mother for doing so...:(

Firanna: Star I would've done the same if Cel was mah daughter too, we don't know how she'll fare if we let her go now.

Starfire: ...*Sigh*...*wiping a tear from her eyes*

Aura: *holding Star close* She won't stay mad at us forever hun... Don't worry :)

AM: Son, Cel's waiting for you in her room, go on and see her ;)

Ferio: But what about...:worry:

Starfire: I will be okay Little Gar, go give Celeste some comfort...:aww:

Ferio:...okay... *turns to leave but...*

Aura: Ferio?

Ferio: ? *turns around*

Aura: Take as much time as you want ;)

Ferio: Thank you Erick :aww:

*Celeste's Bedroom*

As Ferio gently opened the door, Cel's normally bright room was blanketed in twilight of the setting sun. This gave Ferio a sense of sadness he was all familiar with... Looking around he soon saw sitting in a blue beanbag chair was a girl with damp red hair and wearing a nightshirt...

Ferio: ...Ce...Celeste?

Celeste: *Looking up with strained eyes...* g...gar...*sniff*...

Ferio: *immediately sitting down with is girl*

Celeste:...I'm...not...not...*burries her face in Ferio's shirt and starts crying again...*

Ferio: I know baby...*Starts Stroking Cel's shower dampened hair *

Ferio didn’t know what to say…knowing that his girlfriend was not graduating had struck him like running into being blasted in the face during a dodgeball game... He wished it was him instead of her, Cel was alot smarter than him, and a brilliant student, and allready 3 classes ahead of him in less than a year...

Celeste: *sits up* It's not fair...*pulling hair out of her eyes* I know my powers came at an desperate time...but now...I wish they didn't...

Ferio: Cel..

Celeste: No you don't get it, I was fine before that...that... *Eyes start glowing bright blue* UGHH!!! *Trying so hard not to lose her Aurabolt starts to take form*

Ferio: *Gently Taking her hand, dispelling the Aurabolt* Baby, if it wasn't for that, us and many others would be dead.

Celeste: I know that...but...why...? Dosent everyone know I'm capable...

Ferio: You are capable babe you saved us all, *Starts rubbing her shoulders*

Celeste: Gar...It's wouldn't understand...

Ferio: Try me.

Celeste: ......Gar...are you going to form a team after graduation?

Ferio: I don't know babe, honestly I wish I wasn't graduating.

Celeste: You? why?

Ferio: Well, I've not always been the best student...

Celeste: Gar, your very bright you know that.

Ferio: I was lousy till you came back Cel...

Celeste: :?

Ferio: I got into detension more times than Dad getting in trouble with Nightwing back in the day... And for that I wish I could just do it all over...

Celeste: *Wiping her eyes* Sweety you can't change the past...Like I can't change the fact that I'm going to be left alone...

Ferio: alone?

Celeste: and everyone are graduating and leaving...and Im not...*looking down...*

Ferio: Cel...are you saying that Me, Shiela, Hunter, Dezzy and Aaron are going to forget about you?

Celeste: ......*nods*......Gar I felt so alone before I came home, the last thing I want is to feel that way again...*Teary eyed*...I don't want you to leave...

Ferio: *wrapping his arms around Cel and Reclines in the chair* I would never leave you :)

Celeste: Yeah right...

Ferio: Cel do you really think that our friends and I would just push you out of our lives?


Ferio: Listen,who was the one who gave Hunter some confidence for training with Shiela?


Ferio: Who speant the time with mah cousin Dezzy on learning how to control her constant glomping?

Celeste: Me?

Ferio: ...during the time I was a dumbass, who supported Shiela with...the...issue of me being scared of revealing mah feelings?

Celeste: *gasp* Gar...I

Ferio: Who made meh realize that she had kept her feelings even though I...

Celeste: *Shut's Ferio up with a kss on the lips...slowly pulls away*

Ferio: O//o...^_^ Cel, do you know how much you made an impact on our lives?

Celeste: Yes...I do. And do you know how much of a good man you are?

Ferio: R.r...Really? O///O

Celeste: Indeed, Gar you shouldn't feel like a failure because you made some mistakes.

Ferio: I know baby......maybe being a Titan will get meh to mature more...

Celeste: *Leaning her head back, looking at Ferio upsidedown* Don't mature too much :evileye:

Ferio: Why?

Celeste: One, I like your optimistic attitude and brings out the best of you.

Ferio: :thanks: ...Celeste I want you to know that no matter whats gonna happen next that everyone wont ever forget you. Infact I've been thinking that...maybe the team I join up is one made up with our friends.

Celeste: Is that possible? :wow:

Ferio: It'd be cool, maybe...

Celeste: Gar I'm sorry for being such an idiot...I've also now have to apologize to my parents...*sigh*

Ferio: They'll understand cutie, Mah folks forgive me for being dumb all the time.

Celeste: :giggle: oh you...:blushes:

Ferio: Are you okay?

Celeste: Much better...hey baby?

Ferio: Yeah?

Celeste: Can we still hang out at the Oak tree?

Ferio: I'd risk gettin mah butt thrown off what ever team just to have you in mah arms :D

Celeste: :lmao: The love of my life :aww:

Ferio: Ya know it ;)...Hey Cel, you think Ink and Samantha were right about you being a bad girl?

Celeste: HA! You wish... :evileye:

Ferio: Damn...

*Cel smacks Ferio on the head*

Ferio: OW!

Celeste: :giggle: *sigh* do realize that your going to get kicked out soon by my parents...

Ferio: Yer kiddin right? I thought Erick said that I should take my time :)

Celeste: My dad said that?

Ferio: Yeah baby :D

Celeste: Well in that case...*Gets even more comfortable in the bean bag chair* I hope you can tolerate some TLC :)

Ferio: Tolerate? Cutie I live, breath, even bathe in TLC 24/7. Did anyone ever say your hair looks sexy with and without blue streaks :D

Celeste: :evileye: Mr...don't get used to may sweep me off my feet, but my hair is my own. :evileye:

Ferio: Aww c'mon cutie, not even for special occasions?

Celeste: ...*Looking deep in Ferio's eyes* For your graduation...I'll consider it :). But promise me this...

Ferio: What 's that?

Celeste: When you come to mine the next year, could you write a song for me?

Ferio: A song?

Celeste: I know that you normally don't write sappy stuff...but would you for me? It would man alot, Please?

Ferio: :love: Deal baby ;) *as he moved in for a passionate kiss*

~All Characters belong to their owners~
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littlecomicmaker11 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2008
very good
AuranianTitan Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2008
Thanks ^_^
Guilrel Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2008
Nice coloring.
AuranianTitan Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2008
Thanks alot, and for the fave too :aww:
Guilrel Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2008
You're welcome, If you have the time will you tell me what you think about my featured deviation?
BeastboysGurl4ya Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2008
you don't know how happy I was able to read this from mah psp when you posted it.
I still feel bad tha Cel wont be graduationg with tha others.
but on tha other hand. They still have school together...well not tha same classes anymore
AuranianTitan Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2008
It'll pay off in the long run for her, especally with gaining experience with her powers.

Then again Cel does have one advantage...being one of the smarter teens of her age ^_^
spearow1333 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2008
AuranianTitan Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2008
art-princess Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2008
sweet picture :D
AuranianTitan Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2008
Thanks Camilla :aww:

Its kinda sad that Cel can't graduate...yet that is.
art-princess Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2008
Zolem Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2008
Too bad, but hey, Sam's not graduating least not untill damages to the school are paid.
AuranianTitan Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2008
:lmao: What!? You serious? :wow:

I would've figured with the amount of action that goes on at the school that it would be in constant repair.

At least Sam and Cel can keep each other company, and most certainly Ink ;)

I'm startin to wonder if Cel is getting a little bad influence from these two and Ferio :D
Zolem Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2008
Ink goes to normal school, and she's graduating with honors and a 97% GPA.

And the school does not hold studants liable for damage for a large number of reasons, however one time Sam caused damage outside of the school exemplary bilaws. During drivers ed, she accidently put the car in reverse and floored it, crashing into the gym behind her. So she doesn't owe from when she set the library on fire with her newly discovered ehatvision (newly discovered powers are covered under exemptions) or when she wrecked training equipment beyond repair (par for the course at the school), but for when she caused damage like an ordinary teen.
AuranianTitan Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2008
I remeber that ink dosent go to the same school as the others, but I figured in term of them hanging out, know what I mean.
That explains alot, I think that kind of thing happends in real life too.

Sam's lucky that any powers she gets is technically one power at a time and can be quickly mastered.

Cel on the other hand got a whole new arsinal of abilities. And according to the School law "Any imense power of any kind must be learned and controlled before allowed to graduate".
Zolem Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2008
Ink: Hey Ferio. I heard the new. Is Cel going to be ok?
AuranianTitan Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2008
Ferio: She's hanging tough now. But It stinks that she's not graduating with us!!! What gives, we get new powers every now and then but that didn't stop us from making the grade! :x
Zolem Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2008
Ink: We;;, technicly in my case I'm not graded on my powers....nor does the staff actually know of them, what with it being a non-super school and all. Anyway, I'm getting off topic. What would you and Cel say to taking a trip this weekend with me? Might get your mind off things.
AuranianTitan Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2008
Ferio: It dosent involve being captured by "The Thinker" again does it?

Ink: I seriously doubt it, I'm not letting my guard down again like last time.

Ferio: Well I know I'm not grounded nor have homework so I'm free.

Ink: What about Cel?

Ferio: Actually I was heading over to her place right now.
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Nonasdream13 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2008
Shweet artwork and a cute story! :love:

I miss BBG so freakin much its killin meh! :sniff:
Poor Cel-chan. :hug: It'll be ok lovey! <33
AuranianTitan Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2008
Thanks Cella babe ;) :heart:

She'll be back on the map soon, She's on the DA on occasion and informed me that she's making her return ASAP :w00t:

One thing Cel's going to have that probably the rest of the Neo Gen could be lacking in is more educational experience. As if she isn't evil in the books as it is :D
Nonasdream13 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2008
Cella babe? O.o :blushes::giggle:

:excited: Yay!! :boogie:
Go Cel! ;P
AuranianTitan Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2008
Sorry that was a little random ^^;
Nonasdream13 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2008
:giggle: oh really now? XD
random= :blowkiss: :w00t:
AuranianTitan Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2008
Hey I was thinking, for our art trade would it be okay If I did a pic of Cel and Aaron?
Nonasdream13 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2008
Sure! :heart:

(I finished tha ABxS pic I just gotta color and take a pic! :))
AuranianTitan Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2008
Cool :)

I think you'll like the Idea I have in mind for these two ;)
(1 Reply)
coolgurl4ya Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2008
Aw, man :( That stinks
but beautiful art and story
AuranianTitan Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2008
Thanks Chrissy ;)

I know, but I figured

1: Cel entered school about 1/4 of the way through the year
2: After Cel got her trance form she'd have to learn how to use it properly
3: It could make an interesting story twist to BBG's up and comming TTNG story (Which she already knows of)

Not to meantion have an excuse to draw Cel w/o her braids and highlites :D
coolgurl4ya Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2008
No problem :aww:
Oy,that's alot
and New TTNG story?
AuranianTitan Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2008
Its on her journal page, its called "TTNG:Life Is Full of Suprise" Theres a little description of it.
coolgurl4ya Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2008
Oh...haha. I knew that >>...
AuranianTitan Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2008
Don't fret about it ;)
skittles713 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2008
ah geez, poor Cel:(
AuranianTitan Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2008
Thats the drawback when it comes to getting a new power...but on the other hand She is gonna be Double prepaired when she graduates :D
Bellette Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2008
That's sad, but if she wants to save everybody they need to get deal over the overpowers, is the rule ^^U
AuranianTitan Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2008
I know it stinks, but the thing is Cel dosent have her Trance power under full control. And according to the school rules, if a great power is inherited then it has to have gotten a firm control over it.
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