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TT: Aura Blaze The Rookie by AuranianTitan
TT: Aura Blaze The Rookie
Sorry I've been not around lately, been hunting down a full time job and right now I've got a chance. It's only now I've done some serious work, I've never worked with Kid Aura that much. When compared to his older self, the difference it BIG. Before avalon, blue's powers and skills were lacking. His grandpa trained him self-defense and Kendo, but he was hoping that his grandson wouldn't have to fight till he was older. That didn't happen when shroud arrived...

I'll do an official bio for young blue soon as possible so this is what I can provide.

*This is his appearance between season 1 and 2 till the end of season 4.

*Aura's powers were still developing, he had no ability to transform into Alien form yet and his healing ability was just awakening. 

*The most basic ability he has was aura energy into objects and weapons to make them inflict energy damage, most items broke or disintegrated after a few uses.

*His sword is in its first appearance, an antique knight sword with the Auranian heart of Azure the blaze fused to it. Its the only weapon that wont break under usage, but its power is limited because of the old metals. Once its reforged in Avalon, thats when it becomes the blade that we are familiar of.

*Instead of a flak jacket, Blue is wearing one of his grandpa's unused army vests. When he returns from Avalon he's given more protective gear.

*Robin is watchful and suspicious that their enemies would try to kidnap blue, so he's more concerned where the kid is and where he's going now that the world knows about it. It drives Aura nuts that he has to be under watch. (At first)

*Before Blue can shift into alien form, he has an ability that kicks in under dangerous times or when he absolutely needs it. Starfire calls it "Awakening". It allows him to fight with more agility and dexterity. But the cost takes its toll on him, an early sign of his weakness as his powers develop.

Thats it for now

Aura Blaze (c) ME!
Teen Titans (c) Detective Comics
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Hey Guys

Now I know were divided about our opinions of Teen Titans Go, Some love it, some hate it. At first I didn't like it, but when the first half of the season came out on DVD, I decided to get it and give it another look.

Those who remember the comic of the classic show, there was some jokes and poking fun with the characters ALA super deformed. 

The more I thought about it, TTGO reminded me of those super deformed jokes of the comic. The classic show had its funny moments too, though that was more based on the original comics. In all honesty, I think the old show could have done comedy bits ALA Teen Titans Go at the end of the episodes. Yeah the Titans aren't their usual characters, but TTGO is a comedy, it doesn't take itself seriously. (Personal fave episodes, Starfire the Terrible, Laundry Day and especially LEGS!) 

There is homage to the comics and the classic show, and the comedy is also aimed not just for the younger audiences, but for us Titans fans too. Many of us can catch the in between and inside jokes, some of them even caught me by surprise because...well I tend to take my humor further, no surprise that the creators had the same idea in mind probably. XD

While I don't watch shows like adventure time or Regular Show normally, TTGO won me over. In a funny way, it renewed my appreciation for Titans and I was able to get my creative juices flowing again. Many of us do some nutzy stuff with our characters while not plotting anything serious...ever wonder if we are doing our own TTGO bits? Ironic right? Don't deny it that some of the shenanigans is similar to stunts some of us pulled in school or even college. ;P

All in all, its a great show. I appreciate it for what it is, those who don't, well they gave it a shot, but I recommend trying again but with what I pointed out. Teen Titans is a classic of our generation, Teen Titans Go is just another incarnation of the original, aimed at everyone. 




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