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HBD: All Chicks No Misses by AuranianTitan
HBD: All Chicks No Misses
I've missed out on three birthdays this year and finally I've gotten myself caught up.

Initially I had three different drawings but none of them turned out how I wanted them to. One in particular was of three TT's sunbathing, but I decided to redo and have it be one big late birthday gift for my three deviant buddies.

There's alittle story behind it, a few mystery guys are checking them out. (A team with sooo many hotties would easily catch more attention than a Sports illustrated photo shoot)  

Nightingale ( :iconcatt-nightingale: ) : Catching the eye of her boyfriend, maybe an admirer or two :heart: (Catt this was one of the drawings I was talking about :salute: )

Genesis ( :iconvoodookandy: ) : Aqualad and maybe a few possible guys drop jawed and oogle eyed :D (She's shocking in more ways than I can count ;P , fun fun fun! ) 

Hecate ( :iconsleepywiredstudios: ) : Uninhibided at all and enjoying the attention ;)  (Sooo many ideas, so little paper, such a blast to draw her)

I'm pretty satisfied how it turned out, I might do a sequel in the future.

Happy Late Birthday guys 

All characters belong to their owners
TTNG: Phoenix and Phantom by AuranianTitan
TTNG: Phoenix and Phantom
Those who saw the previous piccie of Aura's Swords through his early days will quickly catch on :)

If not, I'll recap. Before Blue aquires his Azure Phoenix, he does wield two previous swords. The Blue Knight Sword from the beginning (Till end of season 4), and the Phantom Sword that he is granted in his training in Avalon.

Once he gains the Phoenix, he still retains the shadowy Phantom Sword for future use...never knowing when a stronger (By strength) weapon will be needed.

Though he's schooled to wield only one sword (In alien form he can dual wield twin blade arms) , he takes into consideration that Nightwing, Renegade and especially Ravager choose to fight with multiple weapons.

In the future he is taught by Ravager and Renegade to fight with dual weaponry, but instead of going with different weapons...he dusts off the Phantom Sword for the first time in years. In the more dangerous world of Teen Titans Next Generation, Aura too must step up his game.

Aura Gains

*The ability to purify with the Azure Phoenix, and high defense piercing with the Phantom sword.

*Ability to fight with twin blades like in his alien form (Minus transforming and expending too much energy)

*Two infused swords vs One infused sword 

Aura Loses

*Can't transform, Phantom sword is incapable of bonding.

*Defending and blocking is much more difficult, must rely on dodging.

*His energy defenses are lower because of charging two swords. 

Aura, Phoenix and Phantom swords (c) Me
TTNG (C) Our Organization
TT (C) Detective Comics
TTOC: Aura's Swords by AuranianTitan
TTOC: Aura's Swords

Aura's Sword's: Evolution of a Swordsman


Initially Aura wields the sword the Azure Phoenix in his career (even when I first created him it was the plan in mind), but early on he did not have access to the weapon or the majority of his powers. So naturally He starts off with a weaker sword but over time graduates to the current one he wields.


Blue Knight Sword: The Restored Holy Weapon (Wielded Beginning S2-S4)

When Erick was born, his father sacrificed himself to seal his son's intense powers away within a his Auranian heart (Azure's that is). Before that happened, Azure pointed out one of Will Rovias' swords in his collection, specifically stating that it has a powerful history, and later on states that in a dying wish that his heart be bound to the sword itself.

Once Will attached the Auranian Heart to the hilt, the weapon changed to reflect the power that was sealed within the jewel. Thus the Blue Knight Sword was created, both as an extension and a gradual decaying seal on Aura's power. Allowing him to fight corrupted creatures, even against non-tainted opponents it posed a threat.

Although a decent weapon, the sword was not without its drawbacks. The materials that the weapon was made of was very old. Before it was restored, the sword was a near-rusty mess. Age had robbed much of the durability it once had, as a result it eventually breaks.

Another was that it was one of many blessed weapons once wielded by a knight of Camelot, Gawain (As revealed by Aura's master, Viviane Celestine in The Lost Episode). The Auranian power clashed with its original holy properties, decreasing the effectiveness of the weapon and hindering the use of Aura's advanced abilities.

Eventually Aura unlocks his "Awakening" ability, the precursor to the Alien Transformation. Further use of that power caused the sword to weaken, and come the end of season 4, it breaks when fighting against his Trigon clone. As a result, the seal is broken, and Aura's powers hit him like a freight train. the resulting battle and destruction of Gawain's old weapon caught the attention of Viviane Celestine of Avalon...the fragments and importantly the Auranian heart were held onto, allowing blue to regain control of his powers...


Phantom Sword: Shadow Weapon of Avalon (Wields is S5-Trouble in Tokyo while in Avalon)

Upon rescuing the kid from his own evil clone, Viviane realized that the fragments of the fighter’s sword were indeed one of the ancient weapons of the knights. But its former power was eclipsed with an unusual force of Light and Darkness, and this fellow had been wielding it all along. After dispatching the surviving Trigon clone her-self, Viviane recognized that the kid has potential to becoming a powerful Knight. After taking him to Avalon and healing him, she offered the kid a chance to become more than a mere squire, even a chance to test his power against the entities of the island.

Unfortunately, Aura’s handling of numerous swords caused them to explode or disintegrate. In order to provide him with a weapon, especially one that would work with his powers, Viviane’s personal blacksmith forged a sword composed of Phantom Crystal (A dark elemental that has ghostly properties and Shadow Power) and mythril silver. After besting her in a duel, Viv presents blue with the Phantom Sword.       

Compared to the Blue Knight Sword, the Phantom Sword is much stronger and is a Dark Elemental weapon. Composed of Phantom Crystal, it allows easy absorption of Aura’s energies, allowing for powerful slashes and strikes. An additional property is that it can bypass some armor and material like a ghost, Making it very deadly.

Where the strength comes from its also its weaknesses, the weapon is made a little too perfect, and in Aura’s hands enemies don’t last very long in battle. If in the wrong hands, the sword can be a deadly assassination tool…only Aura’s energy allows the weapon to be non-lethal, but in the hands of others, it’s LETHAL in everyway! Both friends and enemies can wield the weapon.

The sword is a Dark weapon, as a result Aura cannot purify corrupted victims but he can defeat them and other enemies without trouble. Dark enemies though suffer half damage from its attacks, Darkness can’t destroy darkness.

Of the weapons, the Phantom Sword is Aura’s hardest hitting weapon. He holds onto it even after he receives his trademark tool of combat…never knowing when he might need a dark sword in the future…


The Azure Phoenix: Aura’s Master Sword (Teen Titans Chronicles)

Viviane understands that the Phantom Durandal isn’t a true weapon for a Knight, for that the only way Aura could become a true knight was to have a Sword that reflected the owner itself…one of Light and Darkness. After hearing Aura’s tale and the Jewel of his father being his actual heart, Viviane went straight to work on finding the proper materials to create the weapon that not just reflected the owner but was part of the owner too.

Gathering the purist Phantom Crystal she could find, and seeking the high priest of the Avalon church to have Mythril silver blessed as holy metal, she and her blacksmith began the painstaking work of creating a Knight Sword that held both elements that clashed against one another. Once finished, the sword didn’t appear to have any properties because both materials canceled them out…but once the Auranian Heart was added to the hilt, both nullified elements merged and became one brand new element; Twilight.

On the night that Aura would begin making preparations to return home, Viviane presented blue with the weapon, as he allowed himself to connect with it, the blade awakened and bonded with its new master. When the Auranian Heart recognized its original wielder, the sword’s appearance changed from darkblue/silver to Azure/sky and light blue to match its owner. And thus, the Azure Phoenix was born.

The Phoenix is Aura’s true weapon of combat, combined of elements of Light and Darkness it was born as an Element of Twilight. It carries the defense bypassing ability of the Phantom sword, purifying effects of the Blue Knight Sword and is capable of merging with Aura when he transforms into his alien form.

Strength wise, the Phoenix isn’t as powerful as the Phantom Sword, but it allows advanced purification against corrupted. It can’t bypass high density metal/material but most armor can’t tolerate many hits if not one.   

Aura uses the blade throughout most of his life…unless he need to bring in the Phantom Sword for twice the power.  

Aura Blaze, Weapons (c) Me

TTNG: .:Crawling Back To You:. by AuranianTitan
TTNG: .:Crawling Back To You:.
Influenced by the Backstreet Boys song "Crawling back to you"

This is the biggest TTNG drawing I've done in years, and the biggest drawing I've done in almost two years. In all seriousness, I am extremely proud of how this turned out.

Since I reworked Celeste, her new backstory keeps ringing through...Her leaving home and basically severing most ties.

Reason why is that because the trauma of putting her bully into a Coma, and the fear of her powers, she didn't want to put the burden on her friends. Cel literally punished herself being born with power she didn't understand, shaming her parents, if her friends knew everything of what happened (Ferio was there but didn't remember everything) they would look at her differently, maybe fear and loath her.

Rather than risk it, she shut EVERYONE in her life away, living on Themescyria was the perfect solution of isolation. Over the years her friends tried reaching out but no avail.

It takes TyEna, Genevieve Lockhart and Mari Archer to get Cel to wake up.  

But the hardest thing Cel has to do, is return home...

After years of hiding, it was time to rebuild her life.

Crawling back to you speaks alot about her pushing everyone out of her life, believing that it was the only solution. But in the end, she was foolish and it was all for nothing. Her friends would have stood by her and she didn't want the help. She admits that she was at fault and in the end she "crawls" back to her old life, family and her friends she longed for.

This has the most TTNG's I've ever included in one piccie, including one's I've never drawn before. 

Ferio Logan: Cel's brother from another Mother (And one time her Crush), known each other since childhood, even diapers, sometimes acts as Ferio's "conscience". 

Koko Brooks: Torn between being good or evil...Cel was friends with her for a long time and tries to win her back when she turns criminal

Cain Grayson: Nightwing and Nightingale's tough-as-nails but loyal son. DEspite being oppisites, both he and Cel do get their own unique way.  

Allen Grayson: Nightwing and Felina's son (TTNGAU) , Though they dont see each other often, they always touch base soon as he arrives in town.

Kable Cramble: Cel's BIGGEST brother from another mother, as a toddler Cel thought he was a giant, even now she see's him as a big ole teddy bear with mucles and thunder.

Avril Zakdoeken: The shy but deep down full of surprises chika, Both of them have known Each other as kids and grown up together. 

Mika: Cel's bubbly BFF from Titans South, both girls go gaga at the mall, hang out and even pry into the most forbidden of subjects...boys. 

Josh Tran: TyEna's boyfriend, they were playmates when they were todlers, even now Josh is a sweetheart that Cel can always trust and seek out for help.

all of them are people that Cel was close to, and now she was outside the city...planning on re-befriending them.

I could go on but I think the picture says alot.

All characters belong to their owners.

I hope you guys approve ;)
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Hey Guys

Now I know were divided about our opinions of Teen Titans Go, Some love it, some hate it. At first I didn't like it, but when the first half of the season came out on DVD, I decided to get it and give it another look.

Those who remember the comic of the classic show, there was some jokes and poking fun with the characters ALA super deformed. 

The more I thought about it, TTGO reminded me of those super deformed jokes of the comic. The classic show had its funny moments too, though that was more based on the original comics. In all honesty, I think the old show could have done comedy bits ALA Teen Titans Go at the end of the episodes. Yeah the Titans aren't their usual characters, but TTGO is a comedy, it doesn't take itself seriously. (Personal fave episodes, Starfire the Terrible, Laundry Day and especially LEGS!) 

There is homage to the comics and the classic show, and the comedy is also aimed not just for the younger audiences, but for us Titans fans too. Many of us can catch the in between and inside jokes, some of them even caught me by surprise because...well I tend to take my humor further, no surprise that the creators had the same idea in mind probably. XD

While I don't watch shows like adventure time or Regular Show normally, TTGO won me over. In a funny way, it renewed my appreciation for Titans and I was able to get my creative juices flowing again. Many of us do some nutzy stuff with our characters while not plotting anything serious...ever wonder if we are doing our own TTGO bits? Ironic right? Don't deny it that some of the shenanigans is similar to stunts some of us pulled in school or even college. ;P

All in all, its a great show. I appreciate it for what it is, those who don't, well they gave it a shot, but I recommend trying again but with what I pointed out. Teen Titans is a classic of our generation, Teen Titans Go is just another incarnation of the original, aimed at everyone. 




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