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BH6OC: Junkyard Dog by AuranianTitan
BH6OC: Junkyard Dog

Long waited update on JD, compared to myold version I like this one a lot better.

I moved the old one to scraps, the bio isn't done yet but will be finished in due time.

BH6OC: Team Ally

Name: Jason "JD" DeRusso

"SFIT dropout, Salvage dealer, freelance engineer"

Nickname: Junkyard Dog or JD
(Fred calls him Junkyard Dog cause of JD's job in Salvage and Scrap)

Age: 18 (in movie) 22 (Time Skip)

Ethnicity: USA

Personality: Sarcastic, Resourceful, Understanding, Loyal.

Bio: If junk and metal could talk, they would have much to say for JD. Working for his dad’s scrap and salvage yard, he spends his time cleaning, restoring hard to find parts and combining metals to strengthen and improve their durability. Though much of what he finds is scrap and broken inventions that SFIT students dispose of. A one-time student himself, JD was aspiring to become a materials engineer. But while gifted with his hands, he wasn’t with Math or science; he struggled through the classes, and the highest grades he could muster was a C-, so as a result he resigned and took up a position at his dad’s junkyard.

JD mostly kept himself, only providing services to those he trusted, specifically students that took interest in high quality equipment and materials—one of them being a well-known robotics scientist by the name of Tadashi Hamada. During the time in which Baymax was being created, Tadashi had hit a snag in coming up with ways to make the robot’s internal skeleton light and durable, due to the fact that titanium was too expensive and carbon was limited in durability despite its light weight.

Meanwhile, JD was piecing together a construct of his own from scrap and parts he created. He had plans of entering into the Professional Robot Fighting Circuits to not only earn money, but prove his worth to other big name scientists and engineers that underdogs can kick ass. Unfortunately for him though, his construct couldn't operate without using an AI. It was something Jason didn't want; he was striving to have it operate using his body as a controller.

So one day, at the Hamada family cafe, Tadashi ran into JD while he was sketching away at ideas for his battle bot. From there, the two began sharing their ideas for some time with each other, with JD even offering some pointers on how to improve designs. Eventually, after learning of Tadashi’s problem, JD pitched a concept for a metal combination called ‘Carbontanium,’ a combination of carbon and titanium that was being used in some car designs.

JD relayed to Tadashi that wouldn't be difficult to make, and it was less expensive than going a full titanium build. Intrigued by the proposal, Tadashi offered his services to correct the young man’s financial problems in return.

Thus began the assembling of Baymax, and JD couldn't help but comment that Tadashi should go with a full metal body assembly over using a latex balloon covering. Eventually he befriended the rest of the Nerd Squad, and though his opinions on Wasabi and Fred were quite lacking, he didn't mind Gogo and Honey Lemon... especially Honey Lemon. Once the humanoid robot was in its final stages of creation, he started asking Tadashi about her, what she liked and all that—clear hints that he had developed a crush on the girl.

Sometime later in the year however, a great tragedy struck SFIT, and Tadashi was killed in the process. JD took the death of his close companion hard, so much so that he fell into a deep depression that stopped him from working on his battle bot and even prevented him from returning to the Luck Cat cafe for a time. In reality, JD believed that Baymax was incomplete, only half of the it’s skeleton was composed of Carbontanium. The more sensitive parts weren't protected, and if the robot was given full operation before it was ready, one idiot could tarnish Tadashi's work.

Watching the news during his break some weeks after Hamada’s funeral, JD was shocked to learn that the student’s own teacher was responsible for the accident and his murder. Out of anger and disgust towards the revelation, JD returned to his Battle Bot and put all of his frustration into finishing his creation.

Fast-forward to the present, a small time criminal gang made a prison break attempt on busting Callaghan out. The group Big Hero 6 had already intervened and was in the process of taking the perps down. Watching the events unfold from a distance of his own shop, JD resigned himself to take his battle bot for a test run and get payback on the ex-professor.

Before the team could finish wrapping up the attack, a six-and-a-half-foot amalgamation of steel and robotic parts trudged out into the open, charging towards the shackled Callaghan. For Big Hero 6, it was both a surprise attack but it avoided attacking any of them, except for the rogue professor. The robot was rugged and tough, but it lacked weapon systems and relied on brute strength alone.

Right before the wild robot could actually inflict any real damage though, Baymax appeared to save the day, and the two machines immediately came to blows with each other. Watching the event from the other end of the camera, JD pushed his already ragged creation to full power and did his very best to overpower Baymax even though it clearly had every advantage over him.

In the end, it was clear that Baymax had taken extensive damage from the fight and through the camera of his own robot, JD recognized the white robot through the cracks of its broken armor. He slowly conceded but while the rest of the team secured Callaghan, Hiro took the chance and penetrated the robots armor with an EMP spike, forcing it to shut down. No longer able to control his android, JD walked away from his consul in despair for attacking his late friend’s creation.

Back at his lab, Hiro located an advanced remote control antenna and even an unfinished neuro transmitter. To the kid's surprise, this tech was based on Tadashi's own work, but the parts used to assemble the robot was a mishmash of refurbished parts and weathered steel…

While on its charging station, Baymax detected remnants of radio signals coming from the robot and those same signals could be traced back to its source… While Hiro was busy on analyzing the disabled robot, Baymax was able to electronically hack into the weakened radio signals and establish a location…all the way back to the Salvage yard.

To be continued...

Character belongs to me!

TTOC: The Longest Night Surviviors by AuranianTitan
TTOC: The Longest Night Surviviors
"Many thought the Titans and I were the only soldiers in this fight, a load of bullshit, all of it. The city and every citizen was caught up in Shroud's devious crusade against my father. Along our journey I crossed paths with numerous innocents that would later become heroes of their own accord...They survived the Longest night" ~ Erick Rovias

A long time ago when I first started, I did have some plans of having some TTOC's being guest characters in Aura's origin story; The Longest Night. The Harrowing 24 hour adventure and survival against the wicked Shadonian general, Shroud.

Unfortunately that never came into fruition.

Since I've missed a lot of birthdays cause of my life outside, I decided to do a special rendition of TTOC's based in the same timeline of the longest night incident.

Basing this all on the updated and current info I know, these are unique (And non-cannon unless desired) variations of other peoples characters. Even some input of where Blue would have encountered them, And my own notes. I tried to make them alittle younger in the time of the story, which is the difference in wardrobe and all that.

I plan on doing more of these and I'm currently working on another.

These are long awaited birthday gifts so happy belated birthday yall!



Occupation: Runaway Teen

Encountered: Mission 4: Zoo of the Damned.

Notes: A long time ago, I had actual plans of a young Firanna being accidently caught up in the stampede of Beastboy's infected animal forms made sentient while at the Jump City zoo. Back then the original plot was that Blue would encounter her being attacked and he'd be her body guard through sneaking past and even dispatching some of the infected incarnations of Beast boy while locating Robin and the others. It would have been the first time they met and they would be reunited years later as partners within the expanted Teen Titans team.

In the end, she would have been escorted back to her father or in the JCPD in one piece.

Since her stoyline was changed to her being a runaway, the possibility of the side story would still be possible in my book but I'd be difficult to incorporate.


Occupation: Teen Titan Rookie

Encountered: Mission 1: A Tower Fallen

Notes: Now Nightingale in my storyline would have been encountered very early on. In my story she would have been getting ready for a special date night with Robin. However inbetween preperations, she would hear rumors and even news coverage of people disappearing and attacks that were similar to what she'd experienced back home.

Her Titan com would ring out an SOS and she'd immediately beeline for Titans tower. Once arrived she'd find the place a total disaster...and Robin hanging from the ceiling. Originally Aura and Star would have triggered the big battle in the tower, but instead Gale is ambushed by the infected Slade Robots. not too long after the Battle starts, Blue and Star would have arrived in time before Gale and Robin would have been slain.

The fight quickly turns around with now all three heroes beating back and destroying the infected bots. But just like in the end of the mission, Robin pulls he's uber-grenade, and all four heroes are catapulted into Jump City bay. Familiar of the Shadonians and their tactics, and the incidents around the city a major concern, Nightingale immediately joins the trio.


Occupation: Magic Shop Employee

Encountered: Mission 6: Separation Anxiety

Notes: Late in the story, Aura is forced away from the Titans against his own will after saving Raven. He awakens in the poorer section of Jump City. While the encounter rate of infected had dropped, there were still creatures running around in the city. Meanwhile, Genesis was encountering her own problems. Riots within the city began to escalate and in her area was no surprise.

Unable to risk any battles without the others, blue is forced to sneak around and duck through buildings. One of them was the magic shop that Genesis works at. Taking some time to recover, Aura hunkers down...and attracts unwanted attention from local rioters.

The scene would be a break from the chaos of Shroud and Aura would have to fight back against the local looters that attempt to storm the Magic shop. Genesis fights back from the shadows using her lightning powers while keeping her presence unknown. She and Aura don't meet face to face directly. But once the attackers are fended off, Blue does catch a glimpse of the young girl in a blue hoodie as she disappears into the streets. At first he tries to find her because of the threats on the streets but he has no luck.

Not soon after, Raven locates blue finally but just before they leave, Aura takes one last glance at the Shop, and hopes that the mystery woman is okay. Genesis steps out from an alley as the duo vanishes...


All characters belong to their owners.
Aura Blaze (c) ME

Hey guys I've got some wild news for you all.

Just came from proctors to see Jamie and Adam Unleashed!

The show was a once in a lifetime opportunity and it was worth it! Mythbusters is ending in 2016 and this was Jamie's farewell tour.

Although the audience was given a shot to help them with their experiments, I got something just as cool if not better from the Hyneman himself.


I got a chance to ask Jamie a question on if there was any myth that he and Adam wanted to test but was never aired. Surprisingly it was about what would happen if an object was thrown from a fast moving train, would it drop or would it travel. It was one of the myths that never made it because Discovery didn't think it was cool enough.

In my mind, any myth small or unusual would still be interesting to test. That's how we learn is by asking questions and experimenting.

Being a dedicated fan and science enthusiast, if they come to your town, I recommend going to see them.

Mythbusters FTW!!!

~ Aura

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